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The concept behind Gluta White tablets (Glutathione) is often misunderstood because they are frequently advertised as a way to change skin colour when in reality, all they do is brighten skin tone and give it a healthy glow. 

It's important to know the difference between fair skin and bright skin so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to take these Gluta White tablets.

Fairer skin is a result of genetics and cannot be changed, while brighter skin is something that anyone can achieve with the right skincare regimen.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is a low weight molecular thiol tripeptide that is known to keep intracellular redox balance in check. Apart from that, glutathione also has excellent antioxidant properties. 

Some studies have claimed that glutathione can help reduce melanin production, though this is still unproven. It might not lighten your skin tone, but glutathione can help to maintain clearer and brighter skin.

The Glutathione Redox Cycle

Glutathione is a protein that exists in two forms: reduced glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG). GSH is the more common form found inside cells, and it acts as a strong antioxidant. 

This means it helps protect cells from damage caused by toxins and other harmful substances. The enzyme glutathione peroxidase constantly oxidizes GSH to GSSG. To keep the cell's redox balance in check, GSH must be replenished by the enzyme glutathione reductase.

glutathione redox cycle


Glutathione and Human Pigmentation

The ratio of two types of melanin in human skin - black-brown eumelanin and yellow-red pheomelanin - determines the skin colour. An increased proportion of pheomelanin is associated with lighter skin colour.


Glutathione is contained in both Guta tablets or Gluta Cream which are best for every skin tone.

glutathione biological structure


Do glutathione tablets work differently for males and differently for females? 

According to some extensive studies conducted for answering this question, it was found that preterm females had better responses than males though both of them experienced a better antioxidant activity and lesser oxidative stress.


Summary of the Role of Glutathione as a Skin-Lightening Agent

While there is no published data for intravenous glutathione, the results of the three randomised controlled trials mentioned above have provided grade Ib and 2b evidence in favour of the skin-lightening effects of topical and oral glutathione, with no significant adverse effects. 

However, larger and long-term studies are warranted to generate more evidence.


Role of Glutathione in Disorders of Hyperpigmentation

In a study that was conducted to evaluate the role of oxidative stress in melasma, the levels of glutathione peroxidase enzyme activity and other pro-oxidant parameters were significantly higher in the blood of patients compared to controls. 

This confirmed the role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of melasma. Glutathione-peroxidase depletes the serum levels and cellular levels of glutathione.

Thus, supplementation of glutathione is logically expected to downregulate melanogenesis and improve melasma. 

Based on the current level of evidence, other authors have also suggested the use of oral or topical glutathione as an adjunctive therapy for facial melanosis.

Overall skin health

Glutathione is called a wonder molecule mainly because it can promote the regeneration of healthy skin. Gluta white tablets can regulate skin pigmentation, improve the elasticity of the skin and also help in reducing wrinkles. 

As glutathione helps in fighting skin pigmentation it naturally makes your skin lighter and repaired than before.


Reduced inflammation

Glutathione is also known to reduce inflammation of your skin which can be stimulated by some external or internal factors. By reducing inflammation it helps prevent redness of skin acne and eczema related problems.


Best Gluta White Tablets for Skin Whitening

Although Glutathione is a guaranteed form of skin whitening treatment, don't expect to see dramatic results overnight. The Glutathione supplement in the form of Gluta White Tablets  or Gluta White Cream usually takes a while to show any sort of visible result.

Best Gluta white tablets which contain glutathione is most likely brand in Pakistan. Gluta white cream is also best for night use . 

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