Returns and Refunds Policy

Khobsurti manages the returns and the refunds. Please note the most frequent questions about them and the related conditions.

How do I make a return?

Within 24 hours after receiving the order, if you are dissatisfied with it and you want to return any item, please DO NOT OPEN IT and contact our Customer Care Team by email or Whats App at 03001239520 to begin the process, stating:

  1. The order number.
    The item's name you wish to return.
    3. The reason for return.

Our Customer Care Team will review your case and send you all the instructions. The procedure is very simple.

For returns by standard shipping, please provide us the tracking number of your return to guarantee that it´s cleared as a return and no taxes are applied.

Once it arrives at our facilities, the item(s) will be refunded a maximum of 7 working days.

  • Returnable Items

- Products unopened, unused, and sealed in their original packaging, including the protective cellophane or labels (if any);

- Faulty items damaged/broken during transportation;

  • Non-returnable items

- Products purchased in promotion for nearing expiry date;

- Open, used products;

- Any issue with the products detected after the 24 hours of being delivered has passed.

How and when will I get my refund?

Refunds can be made in the following situations:

  • Canceled orders (before shipment);
  • Orders returned by postal services (unclaimed or refused on delivery attempt);
  • Returns (returnable items)

Your refund will be processed within 7 business days. It will be automatically issued to the original account used to make the purchase.

As an alternative, customers can choose the issue of a discount code in the amount of the order/products. Discount codes are valid for 1 month, counting from the day they are sent.


Returned Orders. How do we manage them?

An order can return to our warehouse due to an unknown recipient, wrong or incomplete address, unclaimed order, delivery refused, etc.

Customers can track the return exactly by the same way/link of the delivery. 

Once it arrives at our facilities, depending on the shipping method, we contact our customer and are given the following possibilities:


  • Shipping by Regular Mail - paid reshipment, discount code of the corresponding amount of the products to be used in a new purchase or, refund of the total amount of the products.
  • Shipping by TCS - paid reshipment, discount code, or refund of the corresponding amount of the products deducted from the return cost (equal to the shipping cost) and the return process fee PKR.150


Returned Orders due to issues unrelated to the customer are reshipped with no extra cost or refunded totally, depending on the customer preference.

Returned orders due to "unclaimed" reason, which means the recipient/someone were not available at the moment of the delivery attempt or, nobody collected the order on the pickup point/post office, and with no communication from the customer to our customer service team are refunded by discount code in the amount of the products.


At Khobsurti we have a Customer Care team ready to help you with any difficulties or complaints. Please read carefully all the following notes and after, please contact us at

Complaint of an order not delivered yet:

Before making a complaint about a delay, please note that on standard shipping, the dates provided in the shipping confirmation e-mail are only expected ones.

We cannot give 100% assurance because there are procedures that are beyond our control, for instance, customs that are regulated by local Government guidelines.

Complaint of an order that was delivered:

You should open the package and carefully check it before discarding the packaging.

If you receive your order in good conditions and, after opening it, you notice that there is a missing or damaged product, please contact us within a maximum of 24 hours by email to